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Alice Torriani

Alice is a theater, film and television actress, novelist and screenwriter.

She graduated from the Paolo Grassi Drama Academy in Milan in 2007 and started theatrical tours in Italy and Europe with established international directors such as Alvis Hermanis, Romeo Castellucci, Mario Martone, Massimo Castri, and Franca Valeri amongts others.


She has been working as part of the cast for various television shows, mainly as recurring or lead, recently in the American-canadian tv series Ransom3, and as Lead in the Italian period drama TV series The Ladies’ Paradise, season 1-2-3. In cinema she has starred in the movie Lessons of Love, which has participated to the 76th Venice Film Festival in 2019.

She also made her appearance in Ten Winters by Valerio Mieli, A star is born by Lucio Pellegrini, and Them who? by Francesco Miccichè and Fabio Bonifaci. In an effort to ever improve her acting skills she has visited the Margie Haber Studio (which became her acting reference point in Los Angeles) numerous times and she is always working on her skills. 

In 2019 she participated to the Los Angeles Brisk Festival and won the Best Actress Award.

Parallel to her acting career, she began her journey as a writer and in 2015 her first novel, L’Altra Sete, was published by Fandango Libri.  The novel was chosen to represent Italy at the Festival Européen du Premier Roman in Germany. In 2018 Fandango Libri published her second novel,  A Life in Place.

With Giampiero Judica, she wrote the tv series Cleaning your Shit, among the finalists at the prestigious Solinas Prize in Italy. With Matilda Kime she co-wrote the short  movie The mistake, which has been nominated as Best International Short Film and won the Silver award at the Hollywood Art and Movie Awards in 2020.

Since 2013 she has been part of the international research group Fire to the Straw, which investigates new languages of theater. In Tallin she collaborates with the No99 group and CCPM participating in several performance research workshops.

Also, she took two certificates as yoga teacher, one in India and one in Italy.

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completed projects

  • ROMEO AND JULIET (2023)                            Mario Martone

  • I JUST WANT THE BONES (2022)            Lead             Giacomo Garaffoni

  • CHANGE LE MONDE TROUVE LA GUERRE (2021)     Lead            Thea Dellavalle

  • ULTIMA LATET    (2020)                    Lead            Franco Visioli

  • COMEDY WITH CRASH (2019)                Lead            Liv Ferracchiati

  • JUDGEMENT,POSSIBILITY, BEEING(2018)        Lead            Romeo Castellucci

  • IL CAMBIO DEI CAVALLI (2014/2015)            Lead            Franca Valeri/ Marini

  • STRIPPED (2015)                    Lead            Industria Indipendente

  • THE FOUR SEASON RESTAURANT (2014)        Lead            Romeo Castellucci

  • VISIT TO THE FATHER (2013/2014)            Lead            Carmelo Rifici

  • THE YOUNG LADIES OF WILKO (2010/2012)        Lead            Alvis Hermanis

  • THE BALL (2009)                    Lead            Thea Dellavalle

  • NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND (2008)         Lead            Gabriele Lavia    

  • THREE SISTERS     (2007/2008)                Lead            Massimo Castri    


  • LESSONS OF LOVE ( 2019 )                Co-lead        Chiara Campara

  • LORO CHI ( 2015 )                    Supporting        Miccichè/Bonifaci

  • D.A.D    (2014)                        Co-Lead        Marco Maccaferri

  • A STAR IS BORN? (2010)                Co-Lead        Lucio Pellegrini

  • ALL ABOUT YOU (2010)                Supporting        Alina Marazzi

  • TEN WINTERS (2009)                     Supporting         Valerio Mieli

  • GOOD MORNING AMAN (2008)            Supporting        Claudio Noce


  • ANIMA GEMELLA (2023)                Lead            Channel 5

  • IL PATRIARCA  (2022)                    Recurring        Channel 5

  • THE BARLUME’S MURDERS                Recurring        Tv8

  • RANSOM 3 (2018)                    Star one episode    Global(Canada)-CBS (Usa)

  • THE LADIES’ PARADISE SEASON 1-2-3( 2015-2019 )    Lead            RAI 1 Channel

  • ONE STEP FROM THE HEAVEN    4 (2016)        Lead            RAI 1 Channel

  • PARENTHOOD    (2015)                    Recurring        RAI 1 Channel

  • A BIG FAMILY 3    (2014)                Recurring        RAI 1 Channel

  • HANDS INSIDE THE CITY (2013)                Recurring        Channel 5

  • INSPECTOR MONTALBANO (2012)             Star one episode    RAI 1 Channel

  • RIS ROMA 1-2    (2009/2010)                Recurring        Channel 5




2021 International art residency on performance led by Giacomo Veronesi, Melpignano, Puglia

2018 International three weeks workshop with N099 Theatre, Tallin, Estonia

2017 International workshop I AM EUROPE with Falk Richter, Nils Haarman and Nir de Volff – Parigi -

2017 International Masterclass for Actors with AIPA ( Australian Insitute of Performing Art ) – Los Angeles

2016 International Theatre Workshop led by Giacomo Veronesi – Thalia Theatre Hamburg

2016 International Theatre Workshop Principles in Acting led by Tomi Janešič – Napoli Theatre Festival

2015 Acting for camera Workshop with Jordan Bayne Permission Playground – Roma- 

2014 International acting workshop led by Antonio Latella, Biennale of Venice

2013 Acting workshop led by Danio Manfredini

2013 Dramaturgy workshop led by Fausto Paravidino – Biennale of Venice

2013 Voice workshop led by Chiara Guidi ( Societas Raffaello Sanzio )

2013 Acting workshop with Jordan Bayne in New York

2012 International acting  workshop led by Luca Ronconi, Biennale of Venice

2013 Dramaturgy workshop led by Antonio Latella

2011 Acting Intensive Program at Margie Haber Studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles

2010 International Acting Program ( Audition Technique )at Margie Haber Studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles

2009 Dance workshop with  Raffaella Giordano ( Pina Bausch )




  • Study of classical dance, contact, Laban method, Feldenkrais, stage combact.

  • Sports: basketball, volleyball ( pro ), yoga ( pro ), swim, pole dance ( basic )

  • Worked with the choreographer Alla Sigalova on The Young Ladies of Wilko by Alvis Hermanis

  • Dance workshop with Raffaella Giordano

  • Workshops at Movement Research, New York


SPECIAL skills


  • Great capacity for accents

  • Pole dance

  • Sketch commedy

  • Dance

  • Sing

  • Flute

  • Yoga (Certified Yoga Alliance International Teacher - RYT 350 LVL 2 ADV)



Best Actress at Brisk Festival - Los Angeles - 2019






  • L’Altra Sete, novel, 2015, published by Fandango Libri, chosen to represent Italy at Festival Européen du Premier Roman 2016, Germany.

  • Cleaning your shit, tv series, 2016.

  • A life for good, novel, 2018, Fandango Libri.




Italian ( mothertongue ), English ( fluent ), Spanish ( fluent ), French ( level 1)


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